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     My name is Chase Zoltan. I am a 19 year old photographer living on the Space Coast of Florida. I have a deep interest for space and passion for how we get there. I have always loved space exploration, but became infatuated with it after learning about the private space exploration company, SpaceX and their first successful booster landing on a drone ship.

     From there on out I have followed a burning passion to learn more about space exploration companies and their progress with taking human kind to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

     I began documenting launches in 2017 in pursuit of showcasing the beginning of the new space age. I hope to document and share the new age of space exploration while honoring the past which has made it possible.

     I try to make it to every launch from Cape Canaveral and recovery attempt that brings boosters and spacecraft back to Port Canaveral.


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