NASA Announces Ice on Moon

NASA announced this week that frozen ice has been confirmed, with definitive proof, in the polar regions of our moon. Also announced was that in the more southern polar region the ice seemed to be clustered in the lunar craters while it is more widely spread at the northern pole.

This leads to more thoughts of possible moon colonization in the near(ish) future. With a sufficient enough deposit of surface water, future exploration missions and even possibly colonization efforts would be able to access it as a life sustaining resource. To say there is enough water avaliable to sustain life at this point is going a bit far, but we won't know what we are working with until we get there and possibly explore deeper below the surface.

Later this week NASA will discuss plans to get (back) to the moon and what it's planning to do to eventually stay there. The Orion capsule is expected to get astronauts to the moon, and that's one small step for exploration and one giant leap towards initializing the Deep Space Gateway.

Credit: Jamie Groh

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